September 11, 2020

Andrea Joy Moede discusses her book “The Path of Truth”

There's a fascinating pattern of humanity which comes into view when we open our hearts to the question: do I live with Truth as my guiding force or do the lies of negativity lure me in with their clamor? I believe we all intuitively know Truth when we see it but often tend to slide back into believing lies when life gets tough.- Andrea Joy Moede My guest is author and speaker Andrea Joy Immegart Moede. In her book “The Path of Truth”, Andrea Joy shares her journey of learning how to walk in truth. It’s in the pages of our life that hurts, lies, wounds, and unforgiveness begin to detour our path. Through her book and stories, she shares the ability to not only break the power of lies over our life but to build back the stepping stones of truth for us to walk on. Join us as we share our life journey from walking on the paths of deception and left it to run on the road to truth!

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