August 21, 2020

Apostle Michael Fram- A Father’s Blessing

In the Bible, it was customary for an aging father to call in his children to bestow blessings on them. Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, and Jacob blessed Joseph and his sons. In Old Testament times, the blessings carried important implications regarding the children’s inheritance and family standing, but those children also received affirmation and a sense of purpose from their fathers’ blessings. God put something inside of Fathers that needed to be passed from generation to generation. Not only does the blessing carry wisdom, but it will carry you into your destiny. What happens when your natural father isn't able to give you that blessing? Then God will send you someone who does. Enter in the spiritual father. My guest is Apostle Michael Fram who just so happens to be my spiritual father. Michael is in the process of raising up other spiritual sons and daughters through mentoring. The blessings that will come from that will be just as supernaturally powerful. Tune in as we discuss ”A Father’s Blessing”.

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