January 7, 2017

Del Hungerford - Tuning In To The Right Frequency

In the beginning it says that The Holy Spirit hovered over the water and then life happened. But why did hovering create life? Hovering creates a sound or emits a frequency. God used sound and frequency to create earth and bring life to a barren planet.

Scientists have discovered that sound and frequency have such unique characteristics that it can heal not only physically, but emotionally.

My guest is Del Hungerford a classically trained musician and she is using her gift of music in a powerful way! Del has been using both sound and frequency to change atmospheres, bring deliverance and set people free! Now she wants you to experience sound in a whole new way! Tune in as we discuss "Tuning in to the right frequency"

To check out all of Del Hungerford's music and websites click here http://www.healingfrequenciesmusic.com


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