January 22, 2017

Kelly McCann - Getting Unplugged

Everyday we encounter people and sometimes we encounter people's problems.

We try to be that shoulder to lean on and unknowingly become their spiritual source of comfort instead of God.

Those issues can sometimes become draining as they begin to pull on the person to be the Savior in their life. They will disconnect from The Father as their source and plug themselves into that person. It will begin to take a huge toll in their life if it continues.

We didn't invite this to happen and most of the time we have no knowledge that it did. Suddenly, that person becomes a great burden and we can feel exhausted just being around them.

My guest is Kelly McCann. Kelly is a Prophet, Pastor, Psalmist and the founder of True Colors Ministries International . Kelly has helped people recognize when they have unhealthy soul ties and other spiritual intruders. Most importantly she teaches people how to have healthy boundaries in their relationships. Tune in as we discuss "Getting unplugged!"

To connect with Kelly McCann go to her website http://www.truecolors8.com 

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