January 7, 2017

Pastor Gary Fishman - Holding Tight To The Vision

We have read about the courage of a woman who led slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad and her name was Harriet Tubman.

Harriet was a true visionary and a prophet of God. She was able to push through extremely difficult circumstances in order for the vision of freedom she saw for others was fulfilled.

Many people have visions and dreams that God deposits and they never come to pass. Why was Harriet able to hold on to her dream and see it to fruition?

My guest is Pastor and Author Gary Fishman. Pastor Gary has just released a book about this forerunner called The Fugitive Prophet The Prophetic Journey Of Harriet Tubman.

Tune in as we discuss "Holding Tight to the Vision"

To connect with Gary Fishman or to order his books check out his website http://www.surpassingglory.org 

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