September 11, 2020

Steve Hampton- The Frequency of Heaven

In the book of Genesis, it says that God spoke. A sound was released from heaven and created the world. Throughout the Bible, it was sound through spoken words that brought a major change. The sound we were created in and we carry our instruments of heaven. As vibrational beings, we are literally a living symphony of energetic sounds. Many of us are aware that we may be missing certain instruments, notes, tones, or frequencies that are a part of our song. In order for us to create exceptional music with our lives, we need to be able to access all the notes in the spectrum of sound and reintegrate any missing frequencies. My guest Steve Hampton is a certified sound healer, recording artist, author, and consciousness coach. He is the founder of Kēmiyā Life! International, a living system based on incorporating subtle energies, frequency calibration, and holistic wellness practices. Tune in and get recalibrated as we discuss ”The frequency of Heaven”.

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