Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to move forward with some emotional trials? Are there mindsets that you have tried to overcome and still can't? Do you feel like you have forgiven, repented and still can't find freedom? Maybe you haven't found the true root of your problem, because it's hidden! My guests Matt Evan, Diane Moyer, Seneca Schurbon and Michael C King have collaborated on a book called "Broken To Whole: Inner Healing For The Fragmented Soul". They believe that sometimes we need to heal the broken parts of our heart to achieve a complete healing. Tune in to this fascinating interview where we discuss "Going Deeper"!

Touched by Prayer has always shared stories about how prayer and God encounters change people.
On this show we are going interactive and want to pray for you the listeners!! I've invited some amazing prayer warriors to help me!
Join me, Lori Suiter and Todd and Tamara D'Alliance!! It's going to be a night filled with healing, words of knowledge and prophecy!!


There are times in our life where our entire life can get flipped upside down due to one very unfortunate event! What do you do when a simple fall takes you on a roller coaster ride of surgeries, procedures and finally a amputation? When everything goes terribly wrong and each day becomes your worst nightmare, how do we still trust God? My guest, Diane Moyer is the executive director of De Balm Ministries and she has a testimony that will leave you in tears. Diane is ready to share her amazing story of prayer, intercession and overwhelming love! In the theater it's taboo to say good luck, so instead they say Break-A-Leg. This is suppose to wish a person a very successful performance. God is setting the stage to show that He has a ending for this story that will bring the house down!
Listen in as we discuss "Break-A-Leg"! To connect with Diane Moyer or find out about her ministry go to http://www.debalm.org

Woman are rising up! When something has been released in the spirit it will eventually happen in the natural. The latest proof is the movies that are being released. Movies about super smart women who help to put astronauts into space. Animated films where a hidden tribe of warrior female smurfs save the day. The latest epic movie coming this summer is Wonder Woman! Yes, something is the air and it's a move of women becoming front and center in the pulpits.
My guest is blogger Jill Steele. Jill has such a desire to see women walk out their destiny. She is a part of the prophetic council of Greater Glory Ministries with Kevin Stevens and Julie Price. Together they are mentoring and guiding women to go out of pews and into the pulpit! Tune in as we discuss "Man, I Feel Like A Woman"! To connect with Jill Steele  follow her page Godsip on Facebook or read her blogs http://steelefaith.com or to connect with Greater Glory Ministries http://www.greatergloryministries.org

God loves to co-create with His children. He loves to inspire us with visions of things in heaven or on earth. Our Father can speak to in so many ways and gives us  such a clear picture that we can draw it. Even back in the Old Testament God gave the Israelites a vision of the Ark of the Covenant that would house the 10 commandments given to Moses. God had to allow the artist and craftsmen to see the vision clearly so they could bring it to life. My guest is Artist and Minister Christine Council. Christine has created such beautiful pictures with the help of The Holy Spirit. Her works often have a beautiful message from The Father to share what the picture represents. Chrisie has shared her art and her testimony from churches to prisons and has impacted people with these beautiful works that are truly heaven inspired. Listen in as we chat about "Picture This".

To see Christine Council's art work or to get in touch with her go to Http:// www.christinecouncil.com

The word hope is used over 120 times throughout the Bible. It says in one verse that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭13:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬ God has a plan and a hope for a future for each and everyone of us, but could He also have a plan for America? My guest is worshipper and blogger Mystic Mama also known as Susan Melanie Storm. Susan had a vision for America that God shared with her and after you hear about it your hope will soar! Tune in to hear us talk about "A Hope For Tomorrow"!
To read Susan Melanie Storm's blog about Hope click here:

God always saves a piece for later. A small seed that He can blow on to reproduce whatever He creates. In the story of Noah God saved everything He created by bringing it into the ark. A place that would protect the DNA that could reproduce billions of His perfect design. God can use the tiniest and most discarded vessels to bring forth His Glory. Most of the Bible contains stories of broken, weak and unassuming individuals that packed a powerful move of God! My guest Kathy Bichsel is Author , Apostle and founder of Kathy Bichsel Ministries. Kathy has written a book called "The Radical Rising Remnant" that speaks to us about the radical generation of Jesus followers He is calling and equipping in our time. God is calling YOU and He wants to say HE is ready to move! Tune in as we discuss "Rolling Out The Remnants" www.kathybichselministries.com

April 25, 2017

Nate Johnston

God always tells His secrets to His friends the prophet. The beautiful connection between a prophet and God is it's always filled with love. One reason I love prophecy so much is that a true word from God can set you on launching pad into a greater destiny! My guest is Nate Johnston founder of Everyday Revivalist. Nate and his wife Christy have been recognized as a prophetic voice that can help you recognize what God is saying. Nate and I are letting The Holy Spirit take over the show! Listen in as we discuss "When God speaks do we listen?"

To connect with Nate Johnston check out his website at http://www.everydayrevivalists.com

Sometimes life will throw you such a punch that it can leave you knocked out and down for the count. In those moments we turn to God to help us get through it. We cry out and suddenly we have a choice. We can cry or we can laugh. Which one will give us the most strength? In the Bible it says "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Prvb 17:22‬ Laughter is good medicine! My guest did that and chose joy as he battled through cancer. Author Rob Coscia has such a great sense of humor that it has helped him to deal with some of the most painful experience of his life! Listen in as we discuss "God Has A Funny Bone"!

Michael King has written books all about the different ways we can see God. He has a book on gemstones from heaven and feathers appearing in mid air. Michael has such a great childlike quality that the reader is ready to experience the supernatural. On this show we are going to talk about his latest book "Faith To Raise The Dead"! As believers this one of the mandates that Jesus gave the disciples. In Mathew 10:8 Jesus said "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!" Why are some things easier to do then others or is it?! Tune in and listen to "Bring Out Your Dead"!
To get your copy of Michael's latest book click here http://amzn.to/2p8J4sR
To connect with Michael King clink on his website http://www.thekingsofeden.com/raise-the-dead-initiative

In today's world it's so very easy to remove the things we don't like. We have so much power thanks to the amazing technology at our fingertips. We can quickly edit whatever we write with out having to start over. We can block tv shows, block people on Facebook and block people from calling. When kids don't like how something is turning out they call for a "DO OVER". That basically means what just happened doesn't count. How awesome it would be if we could call for a "Do Over" in life or better yet to delete the memories that bring up pain.
My guest is Michael Danforth. Michael is an international prophet/seer, author, prophetic psalmist and founder of Mountain Top International, and SOHL (School of Higher Learning). Currently Michael is writing a new book about how to erase those painful memories from the past.
Tune in as we discuss "Just Hit Delete". To connect with Michael Danforth or to find out about his ministry go to http://www.mticenter.com

March 28, 2017

Toni Imsen “Going Up”

There are moments in our life when we feel things are moving in a new direction. These moments might be called promotions, upgrades or transitions. They are signs that what you have accomplished was worthy of a reward. Interesting that sometimes that transition might feel anything but a reward. In fact it can feel like punishment. The key to a successful transition is how you move into it! My guest is Author and Artist Toni Imsen. Toni has been feeling a shift that is coming to the body and she is going to help you with the transition!! Tune in as we discuss "Going Up!" To connect with Toni Imsen go to her website www.toniimsen.com

God loves creating dreams and fulfilling destinies! He is the Lord of all creation! He has placed seeds inside each and everyone of His children to be birthed at a certain time. It seems like many are carrying babies of dreams, vision and destiny. We need to hold fast to the seeds placed inside and not allow them to be aborted. The problem, how do You give birth to them? The answer is simple, you need a midwife! My guest is prophetic voice and co-founder of Everyday Revivalist,Christy Johnston. Christy and her husband Nate are helping people to give birth to the promises of God! Tune in as we discuss "PUSH!"
Listen LIVE 8-9 pm EST at www.touchedbyprayer.com

To find out more about Christy Johnston check out her website

We all have a past with some memories we would like to forget. Our past can be used in one of two ways: We can stay stuck in it, or we can overcome it. Father God wants to flip the things of the past for good by using them to bring healing and deliverance to others. In the Bible, God promises to make beauty from our ashes. He lovingly takes those things that came against us, including attacks, generational sin, accidents and bad choices, and makes something beautiful in our lives. It’s true salvation and transformation. My guest is Author and Blogger Laurie Hilgers. Laurie is on a mission to love the broken and hurting, seeing them with the heart of Heaven and eyes of love! With Jesus leading the way, she is taking the ugly things of her past and making something beautiful with them!
Tune in as we discuss "How Father God causes all things to work for your good – and the good of others!" To connect with Laurie Hilgers check out websites http://www.thejanedoechronicles.com   or http://www.withlovefromportland.wordpress.com  

Worship is such a huge part of any church service. In the Bible it says that God inhabits the praises of His people. He is in it with us.

In the New Testament a new part of worship arises due to the in dwelling of The Holy Spirit. Jesus said "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John‬ ‭4:24‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
How do we worship God in spirit?

My guest is Worship Leader, Recording Artist, 700 Club segment producer and Host Demetria Stallings. Demetria has such a heart for people and she releases the flow of The Holy Spirit as she sings!

Tune in as we discuss "When Worship And Prophecy Collide!"

To connect with Demetria and purchase her latest CD click on

The Beatles wrote the song "All You Need Is Love". The lyrics proclaim that love can right the wrongs and undo what's be done. This song claims that with love, everything is subject to change.

As believers we quote the verse in John 3:16 "For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” That verse is a game changer and it shows just how powerful love can be!

My guest is Nelson Schuman, he is an author and the founder and president of Restored To Freedom Ministry. Nelson has delivered people from spirits, sickness, saved marriages and changed lives. He has shown others that with love nothing evil can stand! Tune in as we discuss "Love Conquers All"!

To connect with Nelson Schuman

Do we really understand what faith is? We all have a small measure of faith inside us. Is faith just hoping that what you say is going to happen or is it a knowing that it's definitely going to happen? My guest is Author and Prophet Bill Yount. Bill's latest book "Some Hear Thunder...I Hear A Roar" is a faith filled testimony of stories that will help you grow your faith!

To connect with Bill or purchase his books click on his website http://www.billyount.com

There has been talk about the forerunners! What is a forerunner? The dictionary defines this as a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else. God is encouraging us to become a forerunner for Him and begin to prepare the church for a move that change everything. My guest is Lori Suiter. Lori has been a writer on The Elijah List for Facebook and she is paving the way for the new church move. She has just returned from a conference called Forerunner with Ryan LeStrange, Jennifer LeClaire and Dutch Sheets. Lori is going share highlights from this conference and discuss what it takes
to be a forerunner!!!

January 24, 2017

Seth Nix - The Latter Rain

In 1906 a revival broke out in a small house in California. The house had started a prayer group because the church had kicked out this young pastor who had spoken in tongues. The house was on Azusa Street and that Pastor was William Seymour. This revival ignited a fire that spread far beyond Azusa street and has become a passion of many to see that move of God return again!

My guest is Seth Nix. Seth is a worship leader and has been passionately pursuing God. His Facebook Live morning devotional posts are growing like wildfire. Seth believes that we are a verge of seeing God move even greater than He did on Azusa street! Listen in as we discuss "The Latter Rain".

The Apostles would travel from town to town and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Many modern day Preachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles still hit the road going
from church to church sharing stories of the goodness of God.
My guest is Author and Minister Michael Lombardo. Michael is the Founder and President
at "Life Poured Out International" and his book "Born For More" depicts a life of intimacy
with The Father 24/7. The traveling that Michael has experienced is chock full of signs,
wonders and miracles. Michael never travels alone He brings The Holy Spirit wherever he goes!
Tune in as we discuss "Riding Shotgun with The Holy Spirit!"

To find out more about Michael Lombardo or to purchase his book visit his website http://www.lifepouredoutintl.org 

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