Marriage is messy. The Fields found out like so many other couples how very messy it really is. God began to show them that out that mess the deepest love developed in the biggest struggles. Through their teaching, we can learn how to grow up and practice connection. We now understand that money, status, and things don’t bring us happiness. That buying a nice house, getting good jobs, having more money, and finding the best schools for your kids will not improve your marriage. The trouble is that our pursuit of the American Dream put us on the performance treadmill. Now that treadmill has come to a screeching halt as our nation has been temporarily shut down. This is the time that we can disconnect with the outside world and truly connect with our inside. The one thing that is surely being tested during this lockdown is the strength of marriages. Join me and my guest Phillip and Darlena Fields as we discuss their book “The Unperfect Marriage” and look at what God’s vision of marriage could look like! To connect with Phillip and Darlena go to their website 

In his newest book “ The Elijah Invitation” Adam through Bible prophecy and by following the markers of world events, convincingly describes what will take place in the next thirty years. The interaction between Islam and high technology—particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence—is shown to be the platform for anti-Christ to deceive and exercise control over the human race. We will discuss how the scripture references and descriptions of spiritual encounters give insight into the Body of Christ rising up in the spirit and power of Elijah, walking as Jesus did to change the spiritual atmosphere and ushering in the greatest wave of evangelism ever seen. To connect to Adam F. Thompson www.

Many Christians can go through life feeling beat up by the enemy, our circumstances, and internal strife. We can look at the pattern of world events with a sense of hopelessness. Too often we simply accept these as the natural trials and challenges of life. However, we as Christians can acknowledge that there is a war happening, a battle between angels and demons. Wouldn’t you want to know: What are the rules of engagement for this battle? What weapons do we have? What kind of enemy are we facing? Is this battle always happening, or are there moments of rest and peace? Am I really meant to fight in a battle where I can’t see my enemies or my allies? Author and speaker Blake Healy has seen angels and demons since he was a small child. In his latest book “Indestructible” Blake shares what he learned about the nature of spiritual warfare. He explains the truth about how we can be victorious in both our personal battles and the battles that are happening in the world. Blake can help you to truly feel as if you are fighting your spiritual battles from the winning side. Tune in and let’s start winning this war. To connect with Blake Healy 

We can read in the Bible the numerous supernatural moves of God. Many men and women had a visitation of the heavenly kind. Even after Jesus ascended into heaven Saul had a preordained meeting on the road to Damascus. All of these are the encounters that changed people's lives forever. My guest is Author Joshua Marcengill and in his book “Encounters- Pressing Into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply” he recounts his many encounters that completely flipped his world around. What are encounters? Joshua believes encounters are the touches from a happy fully satisfied God who's intentionality cannot be taught but must be experienced first hand. Encounters are the relationship that overwhelms our religion leaving us with pure faith, passionate love, and an authentic connection with the full Christian Trinity. Tune in and find out how you too can start living a life full of Encounters! 

This is the Hebraic year 5780 of Pey or the mouth. We need to understand in greater ways the importance of the words we choose and use. The prophetic streams have been bubbling over with excitement as God begins to unleash His latest word. In this season we need a greater discernment and clarity of what needs to be said and how to release it. The wording can in some cases be a make it or break it a statement. The keys are available to anyone who is interested in learning how to steward well what word is being given to you. My guest is Madeline James and she is here to help you release the prophetic gift inside you. Madeline James is an emerging prophetic voice who releases the heart of the Father. As a seer who operates in the revelatory gifts, she imparts revelation and wisdom that propels the Body of Christ forward into their destiny. Her latest book “Unlocking Your Prophetic Voice” will help you discover the voice God has given you, the purpose of your voice, and how your voice was created to release great impact upon the earth. This book is going to show you the keys you need to open your mouth. Connect with Madeline James at

Be the gift that somebody needs. We understand that we all have power in the words we use. These words can be used to encourage, comfort, strengthen, heal, and advise. What we say to an individual is powerful and it has a great impact especially when they come from God. My guest is Prophet, author, teacher Debbie Kitterman and her book The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement has changed and impacted lives. Her latest book The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement Bible Study: Living a Lifestyle of Encouragement shows us how to follow Jesus by loving on and building up His church. Join us for a night of prophetic insight, wisdom, and practical ways you can start to hear from your Heavenly Father!

I am so very honored and privileged to chat with a true general of God’s Army Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon. His newest book called “Your Highest Calling” is considered to be his greatest work to date. All Christians who long to be conformed to Christlikeness will go through two crucial processes: the Process for Conformity and the Law of Transformation. How to gain a workable knowledge of who you are and how God is using you to fulfill His highest calling for your life is crucial at this time. Dr. Bill Hamon tackles the hard issues believers face as the crowning glory of creation. In his book, you will discover • how you are a co-laborer together with God
• how to have a new view of the trials you face
• how to apply wisdom and insight to your life every day • how your “enemies” are working for you. On this show, we will chat about how this book came about and what direction Dr. Hamon sees the church moving in 2020. It’s time for the church to rise higher and understand their true calling. 
 Bishop Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministry Network. A prophet for more than 60 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for more than 500,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored several major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda. Find out more at broadcast

Kicking off the season 6 we go deep into understanding the importance of discernment. We are seeing a great deal of exposing and uncovering all around us. From Hollywood to our government things are being revealed. It says in the Bible “Don’t worry—he can’t keep the mask on for long. One day his hypocrisy will be exposed before all the world.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭26:26‬ ‭TPT‬‬. As we see shaking going on all around us we shouldn’t be surprised to see it in our church, but how do you recognize it? My guest Jake Kail has written a book called “Hypocrisy Exposed” and he breaks down how to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jake Kail was called to ministry in college after a life-changing encounter with God. He is the author of multiple books including Keys for Deliverance and Hypocrisy Exposed. He speaks and ministers at churches, conferences, retreats, and other events. Jake and his family live in Lancaster, PA where he serves as the lead pastor of Threshold Church.

As believers we sometimes ask ourselves the question is there really a heaven? Do we truly think that God has prepared a place for us to go when we take our last breath? What will it be like as we kiss the earth goodbye and say hello to our forever home? My guest is author and speaker Kim Robinson. Kim has written a book called “Heaven Is Real And Fun” and now she has written a children’s book called “Jesus Is Real And Fun”. Kim has been having spiritual experiences of the heavenly kind and is going to share her adventures with Jesus. Tune in Tuesday night as we discuss “He Has Prepared A Place For You”.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t moving in the right direction? Did you ever feel like you lost your passion for what God had planned for you? Was there an idea about God that you just could let go of? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might have gotten stuck! We have all been there at different times in our life. That hopeless feeling like I don’t think I can ever pull myself out! My guest is author and speaker Wm Paul Young and he has helped people get unstuck. Through his book “The Shack” many people were able to get unstuck from the idea of a mean God. In his book “Lies We Believe About God” Paul exposes the lies that keep us from having a full, loving relationship with our Creator.

The Passion Translation has become my favorite version of The Bible. This translation speaks with the truth of love that our Heavenly Father has for His children. My favorite book is Song of Songs. The Passion Translation opened my eyes to love so passionate that it helped me understand unconditional love. My guest Dr. Brian Simmons is the head translator of The Passion Translation. Both he and his wife Candice will join me to discuss his books and so much more. Brian and Candice have been described as true pioneers in ministry. As a spiritual father and mother, their teaching and spiritual gifts have opened doors in many nations to take the message of authentic awakening and revival to many. For the last 40 years, they have labored together to present Christ in His fullness wherever God sends them. Dr. Simmons is currently working as the lead translator of The Passion Translation.

December 28, 2019

Rob Coscia - “Wonder Full”

During a difficult time, feeling alone and overwhelmed, God spoke to Rob Coscia and he heard Him say: "My child, your awe of me needs to be bigger than your fear of anything else." Those words floored Rob and they still do. It was an invitation to know God in greater ways, ways of awe and wonder that overcome fears, heal wounds, and transform mindsets. This encounter so impacted Rob that he wrote a devotional. His latest book called “Wonder Full” is going to help you to see the awe and wonder of a Good Father. I can’t wait to chat with Rob! Grab a cup a coffee and settle in for a power-packed show!

Can you imagine if you got a phone call from God and He told you He just released healing for the world! What would that look like in your life? Would you go around looking for the sick? Would you be braver or bolder? Think about the joy and the love that would spread like wildfire. Now, what if I told you that my guest Brian Blount must have gotten that call because he actually believes that healing is possible. In fact, he wrote a powerful book called ”Putting Jesus On Display With Love And Power”. Brian has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams and churches in healing, power evangelism and prophetic ministry. Brian and his wife, Jeanine, are senior pastors of Crestwood Vineyard Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they live with their six children (including triplets). Brian lives his life displaying the gifts that Jesus died to give us. Tune in as we discuss ”Jesus Is Still Healing Today”

December 28, 2019

Dennis Reanier/Nick Padovani

There is a sound that has gone out of heaven. It’s a cry for the sons and daughters of God to rise up. For those children to walk in oneness with Jesus. This frequency from heaven is moving to ignite a move of revival. The time is quickening the hearts of children of The Lord to start moving the mountains out of their way and start moving into their destinies. My guests are both passionate about teaching the truth and power of learning your identity in Christ. Join me as I chat with Authors and Pastors Dennis Reanier and Nick Padovani. We will talk about the importance of identity and being a part of The John One Five One Event. Tune in as we discuss “Rising Up”!

Are you living up to your supernatural potential? Many Christians live their lives in a spiritual desert, never witnessing the incredible things that Jesus promised. This is because they are unaware of their kingdom inheritance and the supernatural access that His death has provided! Adrian Beale, the co-author of the international bestseller, The Divinity Code, is a globally recognized prophetic voice and a Bible-based interpreter of prophetic mysteries. In his latest book “Kingdom Mysteries Hidden in Plain Sight,” Adrian uses the scripture of truths that are written in the Bible we sometimes miss. Here he shares insights gathered over a lifetime of walking with God so that his readers may step beyond the religious rhetoric surrounding the kingdom and enter a dynamic encounter with its dimensions and realities. Tune in as we discuss ”What Was Hidden Is Now Found”.

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to move forward with some emotional trials? Are there mindsets that you have tried to overcome and still can't? Do you feel like you have forgiven, repented and still can't find freedom? Maybe you haven't found the true root of your problem, because it's hidden! My guests Matt Evan, Diane Moyer, Seneca Schurbon and Michael C King have collaborated on a book called "Broken To Whole: Inner Healing For The Fragmented Soul". They believe that sometimes we need to heal the broken parts of our heart to achieve a complete healing. Tune in to this fascinating interview where we discuss "Going Deeper"!

Touched by Prayer has always shared stories about how prayer and God encounters change people.
On this show we are going interactive and want to pray for you the listeners!! I've invited some amazing prayer warriors to help me!
Join me, Lori Suiter and Todd and Tamara D'Alliance!! It's going to be a night filled with healing, words of knowledge and prophecy!!


There are times in our life where our entire life can get flipped upside down due to one very unfortunate event! What do you do when a simple fall takes you on a roller coaster ride of surgeries, procedures, and finally an amputation? When everything goes terribly wrong and each day becomes your worst nightmare, how do we still trust God? My guest, Diane Moyer is the executive director of De Balm Ministries and she has a testimony that will leave you in tears. Diane is ready to share her amazing story of prayer, intercession, and overwhelming love! In the theater, it's taboo to say good luck, so instead, they say Break-A-Leg. This is supposed to wish a person a very successful performance. God is setting the stage to show that He has an ending for this story that will bring the house down!
Listen in as we discuss "Break-A-Leg"! 

Women are rising up! When something has been released in the spirit it will eventually happen in the natural. The latest proof is the movies that are being released. Movies about super smart women who help to put astronauts into space. Animated films where a hidden tribe of warrior female smurfs saves the day. The latest epic movie coming this summer is Wonder Woman! Yes, something is the air and it's a move of women becoming front and center in the pulpits.
My guest is blogger Jill Steele. Jill has such a desire to see women walk out their destiny. She is a part of the prophetic council of Greater Glory Ministries with Kevin Stevens and Julie Price. Together they are mentoring and guiding women to go out of pews and into the pulpit! Tune in as we discuss "Man, I Feel Like A Woman"! To connect with Jill Steele  follow her page Godsip on Facebook or read her blogs or to connect with Greater Glory Ministries

God loves to co-create with His children. He loves to inspire us with visions of things in heaven or on earth. Our Father can speak to in so many ways and gives us such a clear picture that we can draw it. Even back in the Old Testament God gave the Israelites a vision of the Ark of the Covenant that would house the 10 commandments given to Moses. God had to allow the artist and craftsmen to see the vision clearly so they could bring it to life. My guest is Artist and Minister Christine Council. Christine has created such beautiful pictures with the help of The Holy Spirit. Her works often have a beautiful message from The Father to share what the picture represents. Christie has shared her art and her testimony from churches to prisons and has impacted people with these beautiful works that are truly heaven-inspired. Listen in as we chat about "Picture This".

To see Christine Council's artwork or to get in touch with her go-to Http://

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