Fear is a giant that shouts at us from the battle lines of our lives--a giant adorned in seemingly impenetrable armor. But God has given us supernatural weapons that even fear cannot outrun. My guest is an author and speaker Krissy Nelson. In her latest book “Slaying the Giant of Fear” Krissy shares stories from her own life and the lives of others she uncovers a powerful truth: As children of God, we are made to live fearlessly. She has discovered through the story of David and Goliath that concealed are three supernatural weapons David used to slay the giant of fear. These weapons are hidden in plain sight for us to discover--and also to learn to use, because what God gave David, he also gives us. Tune in as we discuss the her latest book and tools you can apply to break free from fear!

There is a sudden, decisive shift taking place in our culture to end abortion in America. Victory is near. This should ignite hope in the heart of every pro-life American and strike fear in the hearts of abortion supporters. A revolution has begun, and its momentum is growing. My guest tells the story behind the “heartbeat bills,” which ensure that “if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.” Heartbeat bills have been introduced in twenty-five states and passed in nine: Arkansas (2013), North Dakota (2013), Iowa (2018), Mississippi (2019), Kentucky (2019), Georgia (2019), Missouri (2019), Louisiana (2019), and Ohio (2019), where it all began. Author and writer of the heartbeat bill Janet Porter share the stories of how those bills were passed. more importantly, she will help you understand how more progress was made to end abortion in the first six months of 2019 than in the last forty years. Her book “A Heartbeat Away” explains why and how this has happened, what this means for us as a culture and a country, and how you can personally join the fight to see the insanity of infanticide end once and for all. Pro-life Americans must join together to see abortion end. It is a guide for those wanting to join this worthy cause and explains not only the very important nuances in the abortion debate today but also how the tide of victory has turned and what you can do next to boost the momentum and ultimately see the destruction of Roe v. Wade. You don't want to miss this powerful discussion!

In the book of Genesis, it says that God spoke. A sound was released from heaven and created the world. Throughout the Bible, it was sound through spoken words that brought a major change. The sound we were created in and we carry our instruments of heaven. As vibrational beings, we are literally a living symphony of energetic sounds. Many of us are aware that we may be missing certain instruments, notes, tones, or frequencies that are a part of our song. In order for us to create exceptional music with our lives, we need to be able to access all the notes in the spectrum of sound and reintegrate any missing frequencies. My guest Steve Hampton is a certified sound healer, recording artist, author, and consciousness coach. He is the founder of Kēmiyā Life! International, a living system based on incorporating subtle energies, frequency calibration, and holistic wellness practices. Tune in and get recalibrated as we discuss ”The frequency of Heaven”.

September 11, 2020

Annie Lobert- Hookers for Jesus

There is a secret that is now being discussed openly by more people than ever. That secret has been hidden in plain sight and whispered behind closed doors of society. Many brave individuals have tried to expose the secret and have paid a huge price to do it. The secret is human trafficking and it’s a multi-billion perhaps even trillion-dollar industry. The victims were lured in and held in bondage. The chance of escaping grew dimmer with each passing day. Hopelessness and shame took over the joy of living a full life leaving the victim trapped in addiction, depression, or suicidal thoughts. However, God was pursuing those trapped. A voice calling out to them in the quiet of the night. He lit up a door that shined brighter in their darkest pit of despair. That door was Jesus and once they walked through everything thing changed. My guest broke free and walked through that door. Her courageous transparency has brought many to Jesus and her story is helping many to walk through the same door into freedom! Annie Lobert is a wife, speaker, author, entrepreneur, thought leader, advocate for the abused, non-profit founder and CEO) and a survivor of more than a decade of sex trafficking in Hawaii, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. She is known for being one of the first women to openly speak about her experiences in being sex trafficked, and one of the first to start a non-profit outreach and safe house to help victims of abuse as a survivor-leader.

There's a fascinating pattern of humanity which comes into view when we open our hearts to the question: do I live with Truth as my guiding force or do the lies of negativity lure me in with their clamor? I believe we all intuitively know Truth when we see it but often tend to slide back into believing lies when life gets tough.- Andrea Joy Moede My guest is author and speaker Andrea Joy Immegart Moede. In her book “The Path of Truth”, Andrea Joy shares her journey of learning how to walk in truth. It’s in the pages of our life that hurts, lies, wounds, and unforgiveness begin to detour our path. Through her book and stories, she shares the ability to not only break the power of lies over our life but to build back the stepping stones of truth for us to walk on. Join us as we share our life journey from walking on the paths of deception and left it to run on the road to truth!

The Old Testament describes Deborah as a mighty combination of judge, intercessor, prophetess, mother of Israel, and military strategist. ... The Old Testament describes Deborah as a mighty combination of judge, intercessor, prophetess, mother of Israel, and military strategist. Deborah is the only prophet and judge besides Samuel. It goes on to say that many people would come to seek Deborah for wisdom. As a mother of Israel, the role that Deborah played was significant. For generations, we have had women who would rise for specific reasons and seasons. These faith-filled prophetic women would search the wisdom of God to bring about a resolution to situations. In this hour God is raising up His daughters who will fearlessly seek Him and speak out His truth. Deborah’s are on the rise, but there is more to this anointing than we realize. My guest is Apostle Judi Valencia and I heard her give a sermon on Mother’s Day about Deborah that blew me away. Her teaching and fully understanding the Deborah anointing will help you to understand why women want to bee her!

In the Bible, it was customary for an aging father to call in his children to bestow blessings on them. Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, and Jacob blessed Joseph and his sons. In Old Testament times, the blessings carried important implications regarding the children’s inheritance and family standing, but those children also received affirmation and a sense of purpose from their fathers’ blessings. God put something inside of Fathers that needed to be passed from generation to generation. Not only does the blessing carry wisdom, but it will carry you into your destiny. What happens when your natural father isn't able to give you that blessing? Then God will send you someone who does. Enter in the spiritual father. My guest is Apostle Michael Fram who just so happens to be my spiritual father. Michael is in the process of raising up other spiritual sons and daughters through mentoring. The blessings that will come from that will be just as supernaturally powerful. Tune in as we discuss ”A Father’s Blessing”.

Angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve Him. They are very powerful beings who function as God's messengers. Many times in the Bible they appeared to people and said, "I have come as a messenger from the Lord." The New Testament tells us they are also ministering spirits sent to look after human beings who are the heirs of salvation (see Hebrews 1:14). In this day and age, it's important to know that angels are constantly being dispatched as the children of God cry out. The question that many ask is how do we ask for that angelic assistance in the trials of life? My guest is Dr. Candice Smithyman and she has a great understanding of the angelic realm. Her teachings will not only answer some questions about angels but give you tools to access the heavenly hosts. Dr. Candice Smithyman is a prophetic revivalist & healing minister who is Executive Pastor of Freedom Destiny Church and Vice President of Dream Mentors International. She is also the host of the Glory Road Television broadcast which showcases international prophetic voices and can be seen on Faith USA, UK and Africa, and other outlets. Dr. Candice has authored multiple books on soul transformation, healing, and heavenly encounters. Tune in as we discuss ”Send Me An Angel”.

We believe we are living at an age where darkness is prevalent, and God’s truths are being washed away by this current time and trends. We are in a crisis to overcome the darkness with God's perfect Love. We believe we are body, soul, and spirit. We cannot ignore one without the other. Often traditional therapy focuses only on the emotional aspect while ignoring what is going on spiritually. Our soul is made up of the mind/will, emotions, and memories, often leaving places that are vulnerable to spiritual intruders that are not wanted. My guests are Margie Negri and Carrie Price-Knospe from Revelation Perfect Love Counseling Center. These two amazing Pastoral Counselors have been impacting the lives of many. They found that everlasting freedom happens when they invited the presence of Jesus Christ our Lord into each counseling session. Their stories and testimonies can verify that when you let Jesus into any situation the results are life-changing!

The Orphan spirit is rampant in the church and the world today, causing chaos and destruction. There is an answer to this orphan spirit, which is the spirit of adoption and the spirit of Sonship. Father God is waiting for His sons and daughters to understand who they are, and be the co-heirs He created them to be. The most perfect example of a son knowing his true identity, position, and inheritance was Jesus.As a son Jesus moved and operated with complete confidence in everything he did. Knowing that he was representing his Father on earth Jesus showed the world the true heart of God. The Bible clearly states that because of Jesus we have been adopted by The Father, yet many believers still live a life as an orphan. My guest is author, speaker Andrea Joy Moede. In this episode, we are going to share our testimonies of how we made the shift from orphan to adopted! We will also chat about her book ”Misunderstood” and the journey of leaving religion for a relationship!

Jesus didn't come to earth just to save us from hell. He suffered, died, and rose again for the complete deliverance and healing you long for. Soul wounds affect each of us and leave broken places in our lives that need healing. When we seek inner healing but don't also close demonic doorways to the enemy, we simply mask the issue temporarily and may find ourselves in more bondage than we experienced previously. My guest is a respected minister of deliverance, Kathy DeGraw. In her latest book ”Unshackled- Breaking Through The Strongholds of Your Past To Receive Complete Deliverance” Kathy shows you through biblical insights, real-life examples, and practical instruction how you can · discern and destroy the root of fear, anger, addictions, rejection, and other strongholds that just won't go away. Tune in as we learn some important keys that will help to unlock the shackles in your life!

We are in a war. A battle between dark and light, good versus evil. The conflict is very grueling and each day presents a new battlefield to engage in. What we sometimes fail to realize is this is all taking place in the spiritual realm. There is a very strategic way to navigate through this clashing of thoughts and emotions that are looking to rule you. It’s when we go higher and get our direction from above. My guest is Apostle Sam Wagner, Senior Pastor of New Foundation Church. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and retiring as a Sergeant with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol he has learned how to take direction. He knew that every day he would be facing a new situation and he needed guidance from his superiors. Apostle Sam now uses that same approach in his ministry training up the men and women of God. Listen in as we discuss “Time to Get Your Marching Orders!”

We have heard of the courageous nurses and doctors who have been on the frontline during this difficult time. These selfless individuals have always laid down their life to assist others. It was a calling that they chose to answer. My guest has not only answered the call to be a nurse for her state of Louisiana but has been a missionary nursing the nations. April April Nielsen has traveled around the world with different ministries to spread the love and healing of Jesus. I met April in 2016 when I was visiting New Orleans. That day I saw the fiery passion of the love of God as she and a team ministered to the homeless. Her stories of joy and adventure will not only inspire you but put a fire in you to be used for the Kingdom! Tune in as we chat about “Healing The Nations”!

Speaking in tongues, also known as glossolalia, is a spiritual gift in which the gifted person speaks words in a language unknown to them, as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Some Christians believe they speak in heavenly languages or languages of angels. Others believe God gives them a personal prayer language that the Holy Spirit uses to enable them to pray. Still, other Christians believe they are speaking in certain earthly languages that are not known to them. The gift of tongues opens up an entirely new way of communicating with our Heavenly Father. I believe that this powerful outpouring of The Holy Spirit is what brings deeper intimacy with God. My guest Chris McKinney believes that too. As a contributing writer in the book “Speaking In Tongues -Enjoying Intimacy With God Through Tongues and Interpretation” Chris lays out his beliefs and discoveries of this spiritual phenomenon. Tune in as we chat about “The Great Outpouring”!

In the days ahead we are going to need to hear and understand the direction of God. In the Bible, it was written both in Deuteronomy and in the book of Mathew that “man can’t live by bread alone, but by every word of God”. Jesus used those words to silence the devil. The word of God is alive and is constantly giving fresh revelation that brings true transformation, but is it possible to live our life that way? According to my guest Dr. Bill Faught it is! In his latest book “The Journey- Living By Revelation Never Ends”. Dr. Bill shares his experience of living his life and ministry through revelation for almost 50 years. Tune in and hear how you can pray by revelation, worship by revelation and live all by the fresh revelation of God

What do you do when you receive a promise from the Lord but it doesn’t come to pass? How do you get from promise to fulfillment? My guest is Ryan Johnson and when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, God took him on a revelatory journey, showing him how prophetic promises are realized. During this process, the Holy Spirit revealed keys to activating faith and seeing promises come to pass, even when it seems like the situation is hopeless. Tune in as we discuss his book “How to Contend for Your Miracle” and hear how God is teaching us how supernatural encounters and faith work together to bring us answered prayers! To connect with Ryan Johnson www.ryanjohnson.us

We are in a never-ending battle between good versus evil. The enemy is always plotting and planning in different ways on how to take us out. God is raising up a company of believers who can wage victorious spiritual warfare through communion with the Holy Spirit and connectedness to the heavenly realm. As we are moving into a new season it’s important to understand how to operate from this Kingdom perspective. My guest is author, Seer, and Prophet, Ana Werner. The insights Ana has gained in her prophetic encounters have given her a supernatural advantage over the enemy. In her latest book The Warrior’s Dance, she imparts these warfare strategies to you. Are you ready to join the ranks? Tune in on Facebook Live as we discuss her latest book and so much more! To connect with Ana Werner www.anawerner.org

Many Christians assume that only a few gifted individuals can move in the miraculous, but the Bible teaches that all believers have unlimited access to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. When you discover your identity in Jesus, cultivate a heavenly mindset, and access the authority you have received in Jesus, you can immediately release the power of Heaven into your everyday circumstances. My guest is Dr. Candice Smithyman host of the Glory Road TV Show and she has learned how to move in the supernatural by accessing an open Heaven. In her latest book “Releasing Heaven- Creating a Supernatural Environment through Heavenly Encounters” she explains the keys to changing atmospheres and circumstances around you. Tune in as we chat about her latest book and so much more. To connect with Dr. Candice Smithyman you can reach out to www.candicesmithyman.com

At some point in our life, we will have to deal with the measure of our faith. It’s those times that we can actually help it to grow or we can stop it from ever growing again. The choice we have as believers is do we actually take the word of God as the truth. Can we actually walk out the promises that Jesus said when it comes to healing and raising the dead? It says in the Bible “For you know that when your faith is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things.” James 1:3‬TPT‬‬ What it means is when the rubber meets the road will your faith run in or run away? My guest is Roxanne Worsham from Hope and Glory Ministries. She had the faith that started as a mustard seed but watched as God blossomed it into a huge tree. Roxanne has seen God move in such a miraculous way and it has stirred up her faith to believe in the impossible. Tune in as we discuss “You Gotta Have Faith”

Marriage is messy. The Fields found out like so many other couples how very messy it really is. God began to show them that out that mess the deepest love developed in the biggest struggles. Through their teaching, we can learn how to grow up and practice connection. We now understand that money, status, and things don’t bring us happiness. That buying a nice house, getting good jobs, having more money, and finding the best schools for your kids will not improve your marriage. The trouble is that our pursuit of the American Dream put us on the performance treadmill. Now that treadmill has come to a screeching halt as our nation has been temporarily shut down. This is the time that we can disconnect with the outside world and truly connect with our inside. The one thing that is surely being tested during this lockdown is the strength of marriages. Join me and my guest Phillip and Darlena Fields as we discuss their book “The Unperfect Marriage” and look at what God’s vision of marriage could look like! To connect with Phillip and Darlena go to their website www.becourageouscoaching.com 

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