There is something on the horizon. God is moving people into their places and removing the blockages that have held them back for so long. We are experiencing a move so big that not many can comprehend. It's time to get your SHIFT together!

I’m so very excited to have my spiritual son, Jonathan Mitchell joining me for a night of sharing his love of God and country. Jonathan is currently serving in the Louisiana National Guard while finishing up his education at Louisiana State University. Coming from a military family Jonathan’s roots go deep in both serving his country and serving God. His tenderness in sharing the love of the Father through prayer and prophecy touches people in the most amazing ways!

I’m so excited to have my friend Steve Rizzo joining me on Touched by Prayer! Steve Rizzo is a motivational speaker, comedian, and author. His journey from laughter to joy is one filled with twists and turns of the most unexpected ways!

So excited to share the time with the very awesome Amie Rogers of Raw and Real Ministries. Amie is a powerful prophetic voice who has been featured on Elijah List and Spirit Fuel. When we get together it is a Holy Spirit Party! Join in on the fun and let's hear what Papa has to say!

I'm so excited to have this dynamic duo on!! This Tuesday night I'm chatting with Greg Harvey and “Miguelifornia” Michael Beatty. These men as individuals are dynamite, but put them together and they are a powdered keg of Jesus LOVE! We will discuss how everything changes when we hand it over to Jesus!

The book of Song of Songs in the bible is filled with the imagery of the great love that Jesus has for his church. We are beginning to enter in as the bride and the preparation of the great wedding feast. My guest is author Nick Padovani and he has written his third book on this the greatest love story. His understanding of the passionate love that Jesus has for us will help you to see yourself as the bride.

I’m so excited to have Adam F. Thompson back on Touched by Prayer. We are going to discuss the lost book of Enoch who is the great grandfather of Noah. This book of the bible has engrossed in controversy, mysticism, and deeper revelation of Angels. So much of the book of Genesis and creation is further discussed in each chapter of Enoch. I can’t wait to discuss this fascinating book!

Harp and Bowl Join me tonight for a time of Intercessory prayer and worship. My guest Kelly Faulkner has been called to bring and sing the praises of Jesus. As we gather together this most Holy Week of Resurrection Sunday the prayers of the saints are going forward. In this episode, we are going to lift the word, the prayers, and the songs to our Savior JESUS! If you never understood why worship and word are so powerful after tonight you will!

Worship and Warfare Did you know that when you engage in worship you are moving in the spirit? Your entering into a union of oneness with heaven and God. The angels join in as you praise and celebrate the Lord. The powers of darkness break as the songs of victory go forth. My guest is author Karen Lightfoot and in her book “The Dancing Warrior Bride” she describes the art worship. Tune in as we look deeper into this mystery of the power of our praises!

In the scriptures, Jesus told the disciple that they would raise the dead. Jesus showed them that it was possible by demonstrations recorded in the Gospels. Throughout history, there have been men and women who have raised the dead and the nearly dead back to life. These messengers of life were walking out the mandate that Jesus gave us. Why then has that stopped or is it that we just don’t hear about it anymore? In other countries, people are being raised from the dead and now I believe we are going to see it manifest here in the USA. My guest is author Tyler G. Johnson. He is a card-carrying dead raiser from Washington State. His stories will not only help you understand the truth about raising the dead but how we can heal the impossible through Jesus!

We are in a time that the prophets are being challenged. Many in the body of Christ are asking the question, “If the prophets are getting it wrong, then how can I get it right”? I have been searching the scriptures myself and what I have found is many prophets proclaimed things and it took time for it to come to pass. These prophets understood that there is a process that you need to go through to see the prophecy come to fruition. My guest is Dr. Don Hughes and in his latest book “The Prophecy, The Process, The Promise” he explains the misunderstanding that many have about the prophetic word. We are going to take a deep dive into prophecy!

Do you believe in Angels? Have you ever wondered why they were created? The angelic realm exists to partner with believers in accomplishing God’s will on Earth. Angels serve alongside the children of God in the work of the Kingdom. My guest Adam F. Thompson is the co-author of “The Divinity Code To Understanding Angels”. This book helps to provide a one-of-a-kind resource for equipping you to partner with Heaven’s angelic hosts.

We are so excited to have Gina Phillips back for another powerful episode. Gina has been decoding the craziness of what we have been living through from the riots, the Inauguration, and the Super Bowl. In this show, Gina is not only going to explains these coded events, but she is going to answer your questions. You don't want to miss it!

Do you believe in Angels? Have you ever wondered why they were created? The angelic realm exists to partner with believers in accomplishing God’s will on Earth. Angels serve alongside the children of God in the work of the Kingdom. My guest Adrian Beale is the co-author of “The Divinity Code To Understanding Angels”. This book helps to provide a one-of-a-kind resource for equipping you to partner with Heaven’s angelic hosts

We welcome back the “Framinator” my spiritual father Apostle Michael Fram. Just a few nights ago The Lord dropped a word during a prayer time to Apostle Michael that I believe is critical in this time. Here is part of the word given that night “I kept hearing the Spirit of the Lord say, “Stay The Course”. “Stay The Course”. There are so many distractions that have been sent to bring confusion and to get you off course. My assignment has not changed. The things that I have instructed you have not changed. Don’t yield to the distractions that are trying to take you off course. Don’t veer to the left hand, and don’t veer to the right.” We need to pay attention and follow the directions of the Lord, especially in this hour. In this show, we are going to break down not only this word but the course correction we need to take to have our breakthrough. Tune and listen to “Staying the Course”.

On this episode, we will discuss "Love of God and of Country" with the very awesome Michael Beatty otherwise known as Miguelifornia". Michael Beatty has caught the attention of fellow patriot Michael Flynn

God has special angels who are the messengers delivering the word of God. Throughout the Bible, these angels shared the plans and purposes of God. Are these angels still used by God? Are we still seeing that same kind of angelic visitation as in the Bible? I believe we are because I have friends who have shared these types of heavenly encounters. My guest is one of those friends who has had incredible encounters with angels, Jesus, and the host of heaven. Micah Turnbo is a Seer Prophet and the Pastor of Prophetic Ministry at Vineyard Church Northwest in Cincinnati, Ohio. Micah’s mission is to encourage people to connect to the heart of God and his goal is to see friends of God encounter him in a real way. You don’t want to miss this fun conversation as we share encounters, insight, and encourage you to start to engage with heaven!
May 19, 2021

Gina Phillips

I have Gina Phillips joining me for a special night of Touched by Prayer. It is written in Ephesians that we battle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities in the heavenly. Well, Gina has learned how to battle well! Tune in and hear how God is equipped us to win those wars!

There’s no denying that God is always speaking—be it through His Word, a friend, creation, or even an animal. The question is…are we always listening? Are we looking for God and His love that is all around us? My guest is Roxanne Worsham and in her book ”My Dog Can Preach” she recounts messages of God’s love that was learned by observing the characteristics and behaviors of her beloved dogs, Scout and Arrow. Her light-hearted story vignettes are fun, engaging, and full of inspiration. Tune in and listen to the stories that show us how God will use anything, even your dog to catch your attention! Tell your favorite animal lover to join in on the conversation as we share insight about how God cares for all our furry friends.

Do you feel stuck? Is there one area of your life that just won’t change, no matter how hard you work, believe, and cry out to the Lord? When the enemy holds ground in one part of our life, it tends to consume most of our thoughts. That one area can cost us emotional health, quality relationships, and even the ability to enjoy life. But we don’t have to put up with it. It’s time to fight back!I’m so excited to share all the wisdom from guest Rhoda Faye Diehl. She has just written the book “The Jericho Fast” and this book is pulling down the strongholds in many people’s life. We will discuss the keys and strategies that God has shown her. This book has been sent here to ignite and refire a generation ready to take back all the things that have been stolen!

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