June 17, 2020

Andrea Joy Moede discusses moving out of an orphan mentality

The Orphan spirit is rampant in the church and the world today, causing chaos and destruction. There is an answer to this orphan spirit, which is the spirit of adoption and the spirit of Sonship. Father God is waiting for His sons and daughters to understand who they are, and be the co-heirs He created them to be. The most perfect example of a son knowing his true identity, position, and inheritance was Jesus.As a son Jesus moved and operated with complete confidence in everything he did. Knowing that he was representing his Father on earth Jesus showed the world the true heart of God. The Bible clearly states that because of Jesus we have been adopted by The Father, yet many believers still live a life as an orphan. My guest is author, speaker Andrea Joy Moede. In this episode, we are going to share our testimonies of how we made the shift from orphan to adopted! We will also chat about her book ”Misunderstood” and the journey of leaving religion for a relationship!

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