May 29, 2020

Bishop Bill Hamon- Your Highest Calling

I am so very honored and privileged to chat with a true general of God’s Army Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon. His newest book called “Your Highest Calling” is considered to be his greatest work to date. All Christians who long to be conformed to Christlikeness will go through two crucial processes: the Process for Conformity and the Law of Transformation. How to gain a workable knowledge of who you are and how God is using you to fulfill His highest calling for your life is crucial at this time. Dr. Bill Hamon tackles the hard issues believers face as the crowning glory of creation. In his book, you will discover • how you are a co-laborer together with God
• how to have a new view of the trials you face
• how to apply wisdom and insight to your life every day • how your “enemies” are working for you. On this show, we will chat about how this book came about and what direction Dr. Hamon sees the church moving in 2020. It’s time for the church to rise higher and understand their true calling. 
 Bishop Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministry Network. A prophet for more than 60 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for more than 500,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored several major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda. Find out more at broadcast

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