December 28, 2019

Brian Blount -”Jesus Is Still Healing Today”

Can you imagine if you got a phone call from God and He told you He just released healing for the world! What would that look like in your life? Would you go around looking for the sick? Would you be braver or bolder? Think about the joy and the love that would spread like wildfire. Now, what if I told you that my guest Brian Blount must have gotten that call because he actually believes that healing is possible. In fact, he wrote a powerful book called ”Putting Jesus On Display With Love And Power”. Brian has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams and churches in healing, power evangelism and prophetic ministry. Brian and his wife, Jeanine, are senior pastors of Crestwood Vineyard Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they live with their six children (including triplets). Brian lives his life displaying the gifts that Jesus died to give us. Tune in as we discuss ”Jesus Is Still Healing Today”

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