June 27, 2017

Diane Moyer “Break-A-Leg”

There are times in our life where our entire life can get flipped upside down due to one very unfortunate event! What do you do when a simple fall takes you on a roller coaster ride of surgeries, procedures, and finally an amputation? When everything goes terribly wrong and each day becomes your worst nightmare, how do we still trust God? My guest, Diane Moyer is the executive director of De Balm Ministries and she has a testimony that will leave you in tears. Diane is ready to share her amazing story of prayer, intercession, and overwhelming love! In the theater, it's taboo to say good luck, so instead, they say Break-A-Leg. This is supposed to wish a person a very successful performance. God is setting the stage to show that He has an ending for this story that will bring the house down!
Listen in as we discuss "Break-A-Leg"! 

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