September 11, 2020

Janet Porter discusses the Heartbeat Bill and her book

There is a sudden, decisive shift taking place in our culture to end abortion in America. Victory is near. This should ignite hope in the heart of every pro-life American and strike fear in the hearts of abortion supporters. A revolution has begun, and its momentum is growing. My guest tells the story behind the “heartbeat bills,” which ensure that “if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.” Heartbeat bills have been introduced in twenty-five states and passed in nine: Arkansas (2013), North Dakota (2013), Iowa (2018), Mississippi (2019), Kentucky (2019), Georgia (2019), Missouri (2019), Louisiana (2019), and Ohio (2019), where it all began. Author and writer of the heartbeat bill Janet Porter share the stories of how those bills were passed. more importantly, she will help you understand how more progress was made to end abortion in the first six months of 2019 than in the last forty years. Her book “A Heartbeat Away” explains why and how this has happened, what this means for us as a culture and a country, and how you can personally join the fight to see the insanity of infanticide end once and for all. Pro-life Americans must join together to see abortion end. It is a guide for those wanting to join this worthy cause and explains not only the very important nuances in the abortion debate today but also how the tide of victory has turned and what you can do next to boost the momentum and ultimately see the destruction of Roe v. Wade. You don't want to miss this powerful discussion!

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