May 23, 2017

Jill Steele “Women are Rising Up”

Women are rising up! When something has been released in the spirit it will eventually happen in the natural. The latest proof is the movies that are being released. Movies about super smart women who help to put astronauts into space. Animated films where a hidden tribe of warrior female smurfs saves the day. The latest epic movie coming this summer is Wonder Woman! Yes, something is the air and it's a move of women becoming front and center in the pulpits.
My guest is blogger Jill Steele. Jill has such a desire to see women walk out their destiny. She is a part of the prophetic council of Greater Glory Ministries with Kevin Stevens and Julie Price. Together they are mentoring and guiding women to go out of pews and into the pulpit! Tune in as we discuss "Man, I Feel Like A Woman"! To connect with Jill Steele  follow her page Godsip on Facebook or read her blogs or to connect with Greater Glory Ministries

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