May 30, 2020

Joshua Marcengill shares how you too can have a God encounter

We can read in the Bible the numerous supernatural moves of God. Many men and women had a visitation of the heavenly kind. Even after Jesus ascended into heaven Saul had a preordained meeting on the road to Damascus. All of these are the encounters that changed people's lives forever. My guest is Author Joshua Marcengill and in his book “Encounters- Pressing Into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply” he recounts his many encounters that completely flipped his world around. What are encounters? Joshua believes encounters are the touches from a happy fully satisfied God who's intentionality cannot be taught but must be experienced first hand. Encounters are the relationship that overwhelms our religion leaving us with pure faith, passionate love, and an authentic connection with the full Christian Trinity. Tune in and find out how you too can start living a life full of Encounters! 

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