May 2, 2017

Kathy Bichsel “Rolling Out The Remnants”

God always saves a piece for later. A small seed that He can blow on to reproduce whatever He creates. In the story of Noah God saved everything He created by bringing it into the ark. A place that would protect the DNA that could reproduce billions of His perfect design. God can use the tiniest and most discarded vessels to bring forth His Glory. Most of the Bible contains stories of broken, weak, and unassuming individuals that packed a powerful move of God! My guest Kathy Bichsel is Author, Apostle, and founder of Kathy Bichsel Ministries. Kathy has written a book called "The Radical Rising Remnant" that speaks to us about the radical generation of Jesus followers He is calling and equipping in our time. God is calling YOU and He wants to say HE is ready to move! Tune in as we discuss "Rolling Out The Remnants"

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