September 11, 2020

Krissy Nelson discusses her latest book “Slaying The Giant of Fear”

Fear is a giant that shouts at us from the battle lines of our lives--a giant adorned in seemingly impenetrable armor. But God has given us supernatural weapons that even fear cannot outrun. My guest is an author and speaker Krissy Nelson. In her latest book “Slaying the Giant of Fear” Krissy shares stories from her own life and the lives of others she uncovers a powerful truth: As children of God, we are made to live fearlessly. She has discovered through the story of David and Goliath that concealed are three supernatural weapons David used to slay the giant of fear. These weapons are hidden in plain sight for us to discover--and also to learn to use, because what God gave David, he also gives us. Tune in as we discuss the her latest book and tools you can apply to break free from fear!

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