April 4, 2017

Michael Danforth “Just Hit Delete”

In today's world, it's so very easy to remove the things we don't like. We have so much power thanks to the amazing technology at our fingertips. We can quickly edit whatever we write without having to start over. We can block tv shows, block people on Facebook, and block people from calling. When kids don't like how something is turning out they call for a "DO OVER". That basically means what just happened doesn't count. How awesome it would be if we could call for a "Do-Over" in life or better yet to delete the memories that bring up the pain.
My guest is Michael Danforth. Michael is an international prophet/seer, author, prophetic psalmist and founder of Mountain Top International, and SOHL (School of Higher Learning). Currently, Michael is writing a new book about how to erase those painful memories from the past.
Tune in as we discuss "Just Hit Delete". To connect with Michael Danforth or to find out about his ministry go to http://www.mticenter.com

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